Guess why guys watch girls surfing

Post by Chuck / January 8th, 2014

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this year at the surfer poll awards, the surf industry’s yearly popularity competition, the number one fan-voted male surfer was 11-time (which should have been 12-time but the judges overscored mick in 2 straight heats to hand him the title at pipe about 4 weeks ago) world champion kelly slater. the also fan-voted title of best female surfer went to world number 17 alana blanchard. the world tour for the ladies is comprised of the top 16 ranked female wave riders each season yet alana will be on tour next year as an “asp wildcard”. translation = alana happens to have the highest ranking ass on tour despite the fact that she has not done much in contest jersey besides wearing almost nothing besides that contest jersey. this leads me to the rather sad point that im about to make, and im sure youve already guessed what that is..

i like bikinis.

watch the below clip and just try to fathom how popular woman’s surfing would be if every event was a live webcast of girls doing this.



Charles Barkley’s golf swing

Post by Layback Larry / November 12th, 2013

.. is terribly entertaining. Each swing is like a Brittany Spears public meltdown.



For the ladies

Post by Chuck / November 9th, 2013

It is our pleasure to announce the first LaybackLarry promotional product made just for the ladies: Larry’s Baby-Repellant. That’s right, now you can give her the gift of not getting knocked-up, while giving yourself the gift of not having to pull out and glaze your bedsheets. Talk about a win-win!

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Keep an eye out for our next promo item, LaybackLarry morning-after pills, coming soon to a stranger’s bedroom near you.

nugs del semana

Post by Chuck / November 6th, 2013

for those of you who don’t hablar espanol, that means nugs of the week. in spanish. which brings me to my next pearl of wisdom: this is a special mexican edition of nugs of the week. ay carramba! and by that i mean i found pictures of some naked-ish girls that have brown hair and could possibly be, but probably aren’t, mexican. and then at the bottom is a video of a for-sure mexican girl that happens to be hot and seemingly unable to stay fully dressed. dios mio!

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AI & Buttons Forever

Post by Layback Larry / November 3rd, 2013

Today is the three-year anniversary of surf legend Andy Irons death.. Andy had one of the best layback styles in the game.

Andy Irons Layback_

Word is also quickly spreading that fellow Hawaiian surf and style icon Buttons Kaluhiokalani lost his battle to lung cancer today at age 54. RIP Buttons! Today is a sad friggin’ day for the surf world.




An ass tasia

Post by Chuck / October 29th, 2013

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You really gotta hand it to Anastasia Ashley, if nothing else, for finding new and wonderful ways to show us her ass. At a time when the female race as a whole is knocking on the door of gender equality, and ladies surfing is finally beginning to get the respect the gentlemen’s tour has always enjoyed, struggling to break free from the chains of sexual objectification… Anastasia bravely says No! I will not get famous for my surfing! And posts videos like this, with 30-plus seconds of her ass, and 10 seconds of slow-mo surfing. Bravo! A true inspiration.

Naked Skiers here

Post by Layback Larry / October 29th, 2013

Fortunately for us coldness shrinks penises and not boobs.


Source: GrindTV

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